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Maximum marks is an in-home private high school tutoring service based out of the northern beaches, aimed at helping your children achieve their potential.


I offer a range of subjects, for all years

Subject 7 8 9 10
Subject 11 12
Maths Standard
Maths Advanced
Maths Extension 1
Software Design and Development

What Do You Have To Look Forward To?

One on one attention

Maximum Marks offers one on one tutoring, tailored to suit your child's needs. I cover broad concepts, assess individual areas of weakness, and build underdeveloped skills through an exercise based approach, helping your child learn the correct techniques for problem solving through guided questions.

Qualified tutor

I graduated from NBCS Manly Selective Campus last year, receiving a 99.1 ATAR, the third highest in my school. Additionally, I completed my Maths Advanced HSC on an accelerated program 2 years ago, receiving a 99 score. I have been a tutor for over 2 years. For more details, see the About Me tab.

Experience And Expertise

Having tutored for 2 years now, I am familiar with the tools and techniques required to help your child learn. Additionally, I am very familiar with the high school material, styles of teaching, and quirks of the syllabus that other tutors neglect and forget as they move through higher education.

No long commute

To improve ease and convenience for my clients, there's no need for a long drive, I'll come to you, fully equipped.

Continuous follow-up

I will stick with your student as they go through their high school journey, keeping them on track all the way, with a personal knowledge of the learning strategies and techniques that work most for them.

Low Prices

At $60/hour, I cost less than every other tutoring business in the northern beaches. For more detail, see Pricing.

How Do I Join?

If your child is in need of tutoring, email me at, and we can discuss times and dates.


I charge $60/hour for tutoring, a flat rate across all ages and subjects..

How Does That Compare?

Comparable tutoring businesses in the northern beaches area charge between $65-$100 per hour of individual tutoring (in-home or on location).

Why So Cheap?

As an individual contractor, I can operate at a lower cost than big tutoring companies, and pass the savings onto you.